What is the Y-Strap adjustment?

The Y-Strap adjustment is performed by chiropractors in the United States, physiotherapists and osteopaths around the World.  The y-strap is a tool the practitioner uses to deliver a specific force to rapidly decompress the cervicothoracic spine.  This has sprung into popularity recently with several chiropractors recording and posting these videos on Youtube, TikTok, Instragram and TikTok.  Although, recently popularized, the y-strap has been used for years as part of the Pettibon techinque of chiropractics.  To learn more about the Pettibon Technique visit them online by clicking here.

The Y-Strap is pictured below which as you can image looks like the letter ‘Y’.  As you likely already know the doctor uses the handle with the strap carefully placed behind the patients’ neck to deliver a force to create a low amplitude high velocity thrust to rapidly decompress the cervical/thoracic spine.

The Y-Strap


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