Is the Y-Strap bad for you? How does the Y-Strap work?

The Y strap isn’t only a safe treatment when used properly; it’s actually beneficial. Often, people come to chiropractors when they experience pain. Often, the pain stems from their backs, necks, or shoulders. They may also have sciatica, which starts in the sacral area and radiates down your leg.  The Y-Strap adjustment works by stretching the spine and pulling the head in the y-axis of the body.  This pulling force generated a decompression of the vertebral discs.  This usually releases a negative pressure in the joints creating that popping/cracking noise.  The high velocity low amplitude procedure generates a swift vacuum within the vertebral discs that enable nutrients to flow into the discs.  Since discs don’t have a blood supply this procedure helps to to keep the discs healthy acting via imbibition.

To read more on the y-strap procedure visit this link from Healthline.



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