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The Y-Strap is an amazing and powerful tool!  You’re likely here to find a Y-Strap doctor in your town.  Our doctors have helped thousands of patients with the Y-Strap adjustment which is very different then your standard chiropractic adjustment.

Stop suffering and try one of our Y-STRAP chiropractors today.  Most traditional chiropractors don’t use the Y-Strap so it’s extremely difficult to find these chiropractors. I’ve created this directory to streamline the search process and make it easy on you.

If you are looking for the Y-Strap adjustment type in your location and search our Y-Strap directory now. Thanks for visiting!

Our team

Mandy Gaines


“I’m here to help with any changes that you need on the platform.  I’m very excited to be helping patients finally find the help they need via the Y-Strap.  I have received and enjoy getting the y-strap manipulation.  More about me…I’m happily married living in the great state of Utah.  We have a 3-yr old boy and a German Shephard puppy.”

Dr. Jason

Head of Platform

“There was an immediate need to connect potential patients with doctors of chiropractic, osteopathy and physiotherapy around the globe.  I wanted to help the doctor get found online more easily.  This platform will serve that purpose.  I’m currently practicing chiropractic and see the power of the y-strap adjustment on a daily basis.”